Sweethearts Forever
Charles William Whipple   Susan Blanche Whipple

Discover the personal experiences of one man who traveled to and from Heaven frequently during his lifetime. Indeed, there is another world and life beyond death. You too can know that you are guaranteed a place of safety and love in Heaven, and learn how to live here on earth with a new perspective.

Charles William Whipple was born in Creston, Iowa on May 5, 1880. His earliest memories are of his trips to Heaven where he spent many happy hours. In 1931, on his 51st birthday, he received permission to write about these visits which resulted in 7 books and several smaller manuscripts.

In 1901 he married his childhood sweetheart, Susan Blanche Campbell, with whom he spent over 60 years of “perfect married life”. Throughout his life he studied and worked. Usually he retired after 10:00 and was up and busy by 4:00 am. He had more hobbies than any person I have ever known, everything from model railroads and collecting agates to writing books and working with Esperanto. He regretted never having completed college and continued to take correspondence classes, study and learn throughout his life, everything from shorthand and architecture to the Bible. He was interested in almost everything. He even developed and printed the photos you will see in his books.

In 1906 Mr. Whipple moved to Bellingham, Washington. There he worked as the educational director for the YMCA and taught evening classes in shorthand, bookkeeping and other commercial subjects. He also taught at Whatcom High School for 14 years and headed the Commercial Department. In 1912 he gave his first sermon. After leaving Whatcom High School he worked at various construction jobs and whatever else he could to support his family through the depression. He finally ended up in Seattle and worked for the Boeing Company until retirement. He died on March 26, 1962.

Additions may be made to this site from time to time but eventually things will settle down. Mr. Whipple recommends "Seven Heavens" be the first book read. This will help your understanding of the other books. Edna Gish and Maude Whipple are Charles Whipple's sisters and were missionaries in China. In 1921, Otis Whipple, Charles Whipple's brother, along with his wife Julia started a Christian Missionary Conference and youth camp called The Firs.

Books By
Charles William Whipple
Seven Heavens
Heavenly Days
Heaven's Natural Religion
Have Christians Failed
What Do You Know
My Life Problem
The Story of my Life
Supporting Information
and Manuscripts
General Introduction
Who is Charles Whipple
Statements of Authenticity
My Heavenly Home
The Heavenly Calendar
The Laws We Live By
Lamsa and Numeric Bible Translations
A Family's Love of the Lord
My Missionary Life
By Edna Gish
Heaven's Open Window
By Maude Whipple
The Firs of the Lord
Family Letters
Family pictures

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